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Dear MentorshipRevolution family,

In case you are wondering still what this community is really about please let me tell you. The name bears the title of my intentions when I decided to create this business in June of this year..After graduating from high school I was internally ready to begin a new and more exciting than ever chapter in my life.

Hence came forth this community, and with the tools and resources of Social Media I believe this idea will fulfill a purpose in my life and even the world ( no matter how small it may start). Here is a little Q’A to break it all down.

1. Who is the founder of MentorshipRevolution?

My name is Hannah Lassiter and I am the founder. Currently I am 18 years old and will be starting college at Lenoir Rhyne University.

2. Why did I create MentorshipRevolution?

Well this question could have a very long answer, but to sum it up best I created MR to invest into making the world brighter. I believe I have a purpose to fulfill, and I also believe in the power of service and community. During my high school years I encountered many people who acted as mentors to me. Now I believe from real experiences mentorship is very important for society and culture today.

3. When did MentorshipRevolution start?

MentorshipRevolution is a new business or you could say a new kind of community. I created the domain and logo in June of 2018. From there I formed appropriate Social Media pages to bring awareness. In the month of August MentorshipRevolution became an official business written on paper.

4. What I want to make happen with MentorshipRevolution?

Right now I am moving to Hickory, NC for my studies in Psychology. So I am focusing on being educated, but along with learning I have gifts and passions. MentorshipRevolution is the result of someone feeling called to create something that can have positive effect. Positive effect happens when you have a good message and can share it with others. With this organization I will influence and connect communities online and offline. That is for the greater good.

5. Where will MentorshipRevolution be stationed?

As of now I consider MentorshipRevolution to be located in the state of NC. This is where I will be for the next few years and when I start having events and meetings they will likely be in NC. On the broader side MentorshipRevolution outreach is still mainly online. I aspire soon for this business to branch out more.

There you have it..The Q’A for the MentorshipRevolution Crew! This is our first Newsletter and I hope that it was interesting..Remember MentorshipRevolution is founded on helping sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century..That means you can easily be apart of this community and make a difference. Please share this with someone you know!

Sincerely, Founder Hannah L❤


One comment

  1. It’s 12:02am. I am reading this from Richmond, VA, tired but hungry to achieve my destiny. Your mission is giving me energy to keep going.

    “Positive effects happen when you have a good message and can share it with others … for the greater good.”

    Keep sharing your positivity. You are going to impact the world. You’ve already impacted me.

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