The Greatest Good

The Greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.

– Benjamin Disraeli

Today is Sunday. The first day of the week aka the beginning of the week. On this day we usually take more time to relax, observe, and spend time with loved ones. I hope your day has been blessed and that this word will bless you even more.

Mentorship is a complex title. It isn’t a one role thing or person. A mentor can be a teacher, parent, boss, sibling, tutor, leader, manager, celebrity, or even a student. In Today’s world I think the most powerful weapon we can use for good is mentorship. This indicates the act of helping others, holding others up, supporting others, teaching others, and choosing to provide positive example.

Did you know you were made to be a mentor? Every person has the capability to mentor someone in their lifetime. And while we all have different abilities, strengths, and skills- they can be used and passed on. I believe wanting to spread knowledge and ideas for better people and a better world is evidence of maturity.

As the quote above says- don’t just show others all that you have. While showing others our blessings and works is a possible way to inspire and lead- imagine how much more people will be motivated if you told them what you used to get what you have or to get where you are in life. The word I have for you today is to use your words and actions- no matter where you are or what you are doing- to make the world a better place..One thought, one word, one action, and one person at a time. ☺


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