Services We Can Provide

Welcome to!

MentorshipRevolution’s mission is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. We firmly believe in values such as friendship, community, education, ideas, acceptance, and encouragement.

Here are a list of the services you can look forward to at Mentorship Revolution( if you join and follow us):

– Advice on pretty much anything

– Educational Resources

– Ideas ( many original)

– Tips

– Personal outreach and counseling sessions

– Must have gear we will love for you to buy and support: t-shirts, water bottles, wrist bands, notebooks, and hats\caps

– Spiritual Support

– Uplifting Quotes and Jokes

– Short stories and relevant informational pieces

– Inspiration and Motivation for your best self!

– Q’As

* MentorshipRevolution was founded in June 2018 by Hannah Lassiter. The plan MentorshipRevolution has is to evolve and grow for the purposes it was created. Please support Hannah as she works to nourish the vision she has to make a difference during her lifetime☺

Contact information;

Instagram: Hannahayanna


Facebook: Hannah Lassiter



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