MentorshipRevolution’s Foundation

Welcome to👋

MentorshipRevolution’s mission is to help sustain the minds and lives of people living in the 21st century. Here the values of friendship, community, encouragement, education, ideas, and acceptance are what makes us important and unique.

As the founder of this business, which is what I am referring to it as of now I have just ended a milestone in my life. In May 2018 I graduated from early college high school and in Fall 2018 I will be starting University at Lenoir Rhyne. This leads into the foundation of MentorshipRevolution. Which is honestly my love for people, my passion for people, and desiring to make a big difference in the times I live in.

You can be 100% confident that you have never seen another business or website like MentorshipRevolution! I mean the name itself says Revolution. This business has been created to provide pretty much anything a person needs to succeed. Things like friendship, encouragement, resources, information, and inspiration.

While this business is still a fresh ideas I guarantee that you will be able to benefit or contribute to its mission and relevancy. So as of now I am inviting you to join the Revolution!

– Follow Hannahayanna ( official business Instagram)

– Follow Iamchosen 2000 ( Mentorship Revolution’s founder Instagram)

– Facebook: Hannah Lassiter

– Email:

And of course if you are a blogger you can just follow this website and stay updated on MentorshipRevolution’s progress and content!☺

Sincerely, Hannah Lassiter



    • Thank you. It is by God’s grace that this idea is coming alive. I have a vision that will take time. I hope you will continue to pay attention or participate☺


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